Ever since I was a young child, my bike was my freedom. Freedom to explore my surroundings, my limits, my imagination!

Louise Adamson

In Holland we are brought up with bikes as part of our transport to and from everywhere. I fell in love with the first road bike that I managed to scrape enough money together for, and the love has never stopped.

Pascale De Jong

My Dad has always been a cyclist, and still rides at 85! He has inspired me for decades.

Sara Lise Harris


La Palud sur Verdon

A proven track record

LPSV Experience

From Xerta

in Spain

To the mountains of

the Gorges du Verdon

We love what we do and are passionate about cycling and all that it involves!

Meet The Team

We have all been involved in cycling in one way or another for many years - from riding, leading group adventures, to coaching and staging of races and cycle challenges - you could say we are mad about bikes!

Louise Adamson

Rider Leader and Organiser

Pascale De Jong

Logistics and Organiser

Sara Lise Harris

Support Driver and Organiser

Are you READY ...

... for a cross-border cycling adventure of a lifetime?